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Education Customers

If you are a school, college or university then you have a wide range of options for ordering our books. We have over seventy titles that are in use by various exam boards, so key titles such as Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Macbeth, A Christmas Carol and The Great Gatsby have a retail price of just £3.99 before the discount, so you’ll be paying around £2.99 per copy. You can see the full list of set texts here.

We distribute our books through Combined Book Services Ltd (CBS), and it is a very simple matter for us to set up an account for you ready to order our books. The big advantage of ordering from us via CBS is that we offer a 25% discount on all of our books, no minimum order value and free delivery. For more information, email us at

If you order through a specialised education supplier, such as Browns Books, then all of our books will be available and often at a discounted price too. They are also readily available through the major book wholesaler, Gardners, or through Amazon and other on-line stores

If you need any further help or information, then do please email us at

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